Wood Chopping

Last weekend we went to visit Berni’s family in Vaszar and we chopped wood for the winter. The logs were really big, so we used a hydraulic wood splitter like this one. It was still a lot of work moving the heavy logs onto the splitter and carrying and stacking the split wood into piles, and I’m told that the next step will be to axe those into smaller pieces that can be used to heat the house in winter.

Unfortunately nobody thought to take any pictures of us in action, but these two large piles were the result of our day’s work:

A large pile of wood we chopped

A large pile of wood we chopped

Another pile of wood behind the first one

Another pile of wood behind the first one

I think I might write more often about the fun stuff that happens when we go to visit in Vaszar.

I’m a Bachelor of IT!

Lot’s of hard work and perseverence finally paid off and this is what I have to show for it:

Now that I’ve graduated with my Bachelors Degree (of Information Technology in Software Development) and have my British passport, I’ll start getting ready for the move to Europe!

Got UK Passport


Faster than expected, it looks like my application for a British passport went through. Now I should be able to move to Europe and study, get a job and live there without a problem!