First time in Hacktoberfest

This year was my first time participating in the online Hacktoberfest event.

I often use code from GitHub and occasionally publish my own projects there but I realised I rarely contribute to other people’s code. Hearing people talking about the event on the Ladybug Podcast, I was inspired to make a small pull request. The boost I got from something so insignificant being merged lead me to look through my favourite projects’ issue lists to see if there was a bug I could fix or a missing feature I could implement.

The hub tool integrates GitHub features into the git commandline tool, I’ve mentioned it in a previous post about automating pull requests, and I found 2 ways to help out:

The trello library provides a simple JavaScript client for the Trello API, it has common use cases already implemented and anything else is implemented with pull requests on demand so I helped out by:

It feels really good that I could contribute back tools I use in my own projects. A colleague of mine took part too and hopefully next year it’ll be more than just the two of us!