Steam available in Arch Linux repositories

This news is at least a few days old by now, but it seems the official Steam client for GNU/Linux is now out of Beta and ready for use! Ubuntu users could already download the deb package from the steam website. However, if you’re an Arch Linux user, like me, then you’ll find that since the 26th of February, the steam client is already in the official Arch repositories and can be installed with a simple:

# pacman -S steam

Of course as soon as it’s installed it’s time for Steam to start its slow, perpetual update process, but except for that I think this is fantastic!

2 thoughts on “Steam available in Arch Linux repositories

  1. How does steam steam work? Is it like an emulator/virtual machine or do they they compile the games for the linux platform?

    • Steam is a distribution platform, basically for getting games. The games you get from it run natively in Linux (no emulation layers and stuff like that) so this far there’s only about a 100 games ported for Linux out of more than 1000 Steam games, but I think that number’s just going to be increasing.

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