Hello World!

Well, as my first post on my first blog, this isn’t really about anything in particular, but rather just to serve as an introduction to those who might not yet know me. Although I’m sure most of the people who come here will know me in person, if you Google sinisterstuf, that same sinisterstuf who fills the first 238 of search results (last time I checked) is me!

This isn’t going to be the typical blog of my opinions on life, the universe & everything that everyone else seems to do, although I might occasionally do something like that, I think I’d much rather make this a place where I can share interesting things that I’ve learnt with the world! And if you though this is going to all be a computer related I’m sorry to disappoint you; although I do know quite a lot in that area, I’ll be sharing as much as I can about everything else too, things I’ve learnt about making music, entertainment, languages, maybe even the occasional extreme sport, there’s so much I’ve done that I just feel I need to share it and this is going to be the place so if you’re interested then stay tuned or follow the Blog or whatever it is you do, and get ready to open your mind and learn new things!

I’m looking forward to sharing and if you have any comments or suggestions or anything you think I could cover here for you then go ahead and share back! Ran out of things to say so I guess that’s it for now… Check for my next post on how to make river graphs for IB geography easily!