First Impressions of Dornbirn

These are some pictures I took while exploring Dornbirn with my roommate, SvaÅ¥a earlier this week. The river is frozen and there’s lots of snow everywhere. Click the thumbnails to see bigger pictures and descriptions.

11 thoughts on “First Impressions of Dornbirn

  1. I have just received the ‘photos. Thinking about you lots and hoping you are settling in. Quite a difference weatherwise for you to get used to.
    Take care
    Lol Nain xxx

  2. Hi Sion,
    how are you? Write some more about your time in Dornbirn.
    Why can’t you guys just be here in Coburg? I would invite you to a great Gurkenschnaps (made of cucumber and yes, you CAN drink it 😉 ) or a Sion Kölsch – mow I know where I have already seen your name – on a bottle…
    CU Dom

  3. Hey sion!
    I’m Crazy hanna!! you pictures are so awesome!! The capitain Namibia…
    Let’s say my sentence: Where is your husband ? where is my husband ? hahahaha

  4. sinister! Now im reading your article.. but I’m little confused I didn’t understand why do You say that sinister does mean evil and after you say that does mean left???????

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