Civilian ft. sinisterstuf — Venom

My brother (Civilian) and I recently recorded this rap song, Venom, which you can listen to on soundcloud. We also made a music video which you can watch below or on youtube. This is the first song + music video we’ve released to the public and we’re trying to promote it as much as possible, I hope you enjoy it and will support us in this!

You can download the music video in MP4 format ➡Venom (Music Video) and the audio track in OGG format ➡Venom (Audio Track). Both downloads are available for free!

A quick note about copyright, the file formats, and free media:

The version you download from the soundcloud website is encoded in FLAC, a free lossless format, so it potentially has extreme quality but is much bigger to download than the OGG file here. This media is free and licensed under a Creative Commons license (see the copyright notice in the footer of this page) so feel free to download it and share it with your friends, you’re free to! To ensure your freedom, the audio files were encoded in free formats (OGG and FLAC), if your media player won’t play the files then try a free media player like VLC. See the PlayOgg! campaign for more information on free media files.