3 Minute Brownies

I think I need to apologise for my recent quietness, I was working on 2 big projects which I learned a lot from, maybe even things that I’ll post about here for the geekier people following my blog to read, and (maybe more importantly) so that if I ever need to remember something cool/useful that I learnt doing this, I can read to remember it.

One really nice but unrelated thing that I learned during my hiatus was how to make 3 minute brownies in a cup! The Anonymous internet were on an information sharing spree and this was one of the things being shared. My family and I have really enjoyed this so I hope you will too. Here’s the picture I got with all you need to know:

Recipe by Pictures: 3min Brownies

To save this from being a somewhat redundant post where no value is added I’d like to mention that you should not be shy when adding the oil/milk unless you like dry brownies and that if you are preparing more than 1 cup you might like to increase the time on the microwave or do them one cup at a time otherwise you end up with a cup of un-baked chocolate goo, which is arguably not such a bad thing… I have yet to test if the cocoa can be safely substituted with Milo. If you don’t have any cocoa you can use Milo. I have tested this and the result is a bit strange but I think you can still call it a brownie.

Serving suggestion: This is very nice (especially if the brownies are a bit dry) if you pour custard on top. Also, if the brownie doesn’t explode out the top of the cup like in the picture you can actually eat it straight out of the cup! Woopdidoo…

Pro Tip: My cousin suggests you add 2 spoons of vanilla essence and a pinch of salt. You can probably add more milk too if you like. I’ll be honest I don’t even know what vanilla essence is so you’ll just have to take her word for it! If anyone else has suggestions for improvements, please do share.

For the people who surf the net with text-only browsers, as I occasionally do, or have loading images automatically turned off in their browser I’ll actually write out the recipe shown in the picture. This will also be useful if you found the text on the picture too small to read, for example if you have terrible eyesight or if you’re one of the readers who haven’t yet realised that you can click the pictures to view the full size version.
3 Minute Brownies
  • 4 Tablespoons cake flour
  • 4 Tablespoons sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons cocoa
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Tablespoons milk
  • 3 Tablespoons oil
  • 1 Mug

What to do with them:

(what do you even call this part of a recipe‽)
  1. Mix flour, sugar and cocoa in the cup (the powdery ingredients)
  2. Spoon in one egg
  3. Pour in milk and oil (the liquid ingredients) and mix well
  4. Put in microwave for 3 minutes on maximum power (1000watt)
  5. Wait until it stops rising and sets in the mug
  6. Spoon out and OM NOM NOM NOM!!!

And there you go, you can’t go wrong and it doesn’t get much easier than that! Just make sure you have all the ingredients before you start *herp derp* and enjoy this brilliant brownie recipe! I think I’ll go make myself some right now.

Maybe you do it better and would like to share your way? Maybe you know another small easy recipe for something else? Please share comments or suggestions below.