I’m currently working on several projects, which anyone with the time and interest can feel free to join me in, listed below:

  • Geocoding: I’m working on geocoding Wikipedia articles about Namibian places, see my User Page on Wikipedia for more details
  • Messaging Menu: I’ve taken over maintenance of Messaging Menu, a Gnome Shell extension providing quick access to mail, chat and blogging programs. You can install it from here.
  • Guess the Animal: To practise Java and Android programming I’ve written a simple app that learns how to guess animals from people. The source is on GitHub.
  • Epic Chat: A fairly lame TCP chat server in Node.js. Although the functionality isn’t mind blowing, I use this project to get familiar with trendy new technologies like Node.js, npm, Heroku, Codeship, and so on. The source code is on GitHub
  • Binary Clock: To get into Harware Hacking I’ve started implementing a binary clock with an Arduino. Hopefully it’ll be above average. The code so far is on GitHub.
  • FHV Multi-Sync: When Google Code shut down I saved our project, an Eclipse RCP program to synchronise files, developed with my classmates at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg. The source is now available on GitHub.
  • Tomboy Plugins: I have packaged, and still maintain, several plugins for the Gnome note-taking program Tomboy, on Archlinux. The package build scripts are available as GitHub gists, bundled together in this repository. You can install them all-at-once from the Archlinux User Repository.

Wherever relevant, my work has source code, issue trackers and wikis on GitHub!

WORS Optimised Reports System

WRS screenshots