Ubuntu Natty

It’s that time of year again, when the Ubuntu users eagerly await the next release of their now purplish OS: Ubuntu 11.04 aka the Natty Narwhal. There have been some very big changes in Ubuntu since the last release (which, if you’ve been following Linux news, you’re probably already aware of), if you thought changing the orientation of the window buttons was radical then you’re in for a shock. Here’s a countdown to the release so we can all see how many days we have left before we start torrenting like crazy:

Got this counter from picmol.de because the official one was meh. note: 11.04 is out as of 11/04
Since Ubuntu 11.04 is out now, here’s a counter for the next release 11.10!

If you’re already using Ubuntu then I’d like to point out OMG! Ubuntu! which is guaranteed to keep you up to date with cool stuff happening in Ubuntu as (or before) it happens, including the major changes that have happened since Ubuntu Maverick. And here’s a post of mine about the Ubuntu installation process for you to share with your friends who haven’t done it yet.

If you’re an Ubuntu user who’s tried 11.04 and couldn’t stand the new interface (aimed at new computer users) you might want to try Linux Mint or Xubuntu for something more like what you’re used to!

I’m not going to try to convince non-Ubuntu-using GNU/Linux users to try out Ubuntu but if you’re still using Windows (or even Mac OS) then I can definitely recommend you give it a try. Ubuntu is a free (free as in freedom and free as in free beer) Operating System for your computer. Especially if you’re a Windows user and you don’t use your computer mainly for gaming I seriously recommend you try it out. The Ubuntu install CD is also a Live CD, which means you can put it in your computer and reboot to try out Ubuntu, if it’s not to your liking you can take out the CD and everything’s just as it was, so I urge you to at least try it! Ubuntu is aimed at people who are not really geeky and don’t want to bother with understanding how computers work, but who rather just want to use it and that it just works. It’s also really easy to install!

Here’s the Ubuntu website. Here’s a list of cool features in Ubuntu Desktop Edition.
If that doesn’t convince you then I don’t know what will!