Welcome to sinisterstuf.org!

I’m Siôn le Roux and sinisterstuf is my name on the internet. When I came up with the name sinisterstuf I wasn’t thinking “sinister as in evil”, I was thinking of another —now archaic— meaning where sinister means left, with the implication of being alternative or different (like a left-handed person), so try not to judge me negatively because of my name; I’m not evil at all! :-)Siôn le Roux (display picture)

I’m a programmer, software developer, musician, designer and lots of other things. You should find some of my projects on different parts of this site. Most of the programming related ones are available on GitHub.

I’m Namibian but I’m partially of Welsh descent. I lived in national parks for many years —the kind of Africa you see on wildlife channels on television— but now I work as a programmer in Budapest, Hungary. I like extreme sports like rock climbing and mountain biking but also enjoy team sports like basketball. I’m quite multilingual, very musical and my many different interests and skills are what made me want to make a website; so I could share them with other people!

That’s what this site for. I’ve moved my blogprojects and everything which was scattered around the web into one place, here at sinisterstuf.org, so check it out! See the contact page to if you need to get in touch.

I hope you like it here!